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A tiny bit of Hungary!

Home-style flavors, high quality, continuously renewable selection!

These are the attributives of the sandwiches – made by our company – which now well known in Hungary and the neighboring countries.

The new products appairing in home-style will provide a unique flavor and high culinary experience for all of our customers.

We can say that we have taken a step higher on the technological development ladder. And with the past 20 years experiences we have added plus virtue to our products in our usual way.

The result of the effort is the recently created "Extra Baguette" product line in addiction to the stylish packaging it has raised our already high-quility baguette sandwiches to a higher level.

Accept the sandwiches with the fresh home-style image wich wrapping and taste remind us of the ones made by our grandmothers with love. Beside the high-quality we tried to make them with a basket of love just for the journey.

Enjoy your meal Hungary!

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